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Team Information: Classes


The club enters senior men’s and women’s League tag teams into the Group 10 Second Division Mid West Wallerawang Landscaping Cup competition. Known as the United Warriors, the club was established in 2020 and is in its second season of competition.



Orange United enters teams in both junior (boys and girls) and seniors (men’s and women’s) into the Orange Basketball Association which plays competition all year round, with a summer and winter competition. The summer competition runs from October through to March and winter competition runs from March through to September.



Orange United has a Premier League Women’s Hockey team who compete in the Western Premier League competition. The team was established in 2021 and consist of a number of young and experienced players who wanted the opportunity to play a higher level of competition.



Orange United Netball Club enters teams in both junior and senior competitions in the local Orange Netball Association competition. The club has a strong focus on developing junior players, umpires and coaches from U/9 through to U/15s. Senior teams compete in Division 5 and 3 with also a High School Division offered.

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The United Club enters junior and senior teams in the local Orange Thunder Touch competition. The competition starts in October and runs through to March with a break over the holiday period. The club enters both boys and girls teams in various age groups from U/7s U/11s U/13s U/15s and seniors.

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Orange United enters junior league tag teams into the Group 10 competition, known as the United Warriors the teams compete in U/11s – U/13s and U/15s.

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