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The history of sports extends back to the ancient world. The physical activity that developed into sports had early links with ritual, warfare and entertainment

Orange United Sports Club originally started in 2007 to provide local Aboriginal young people the opportunity to represent Orange at the annual NSW Rugby League knock outs held throughout NSW.

The club was then know as the 'Orange All Blacks'

In 2014, Orange City Council coordinated a school holiday program called ‘Merge’. The program was designed to provide free holiday activities to young people experiencing low socio economic status and isolation. Orange Basketball Association partnered with Orange City Council and engaged professional American-Australian basketball player Cal Bruton to run basketball clinics. These sports clinics indicated an ongoing interest in basketball for local young people, and their willingness to participate in the local competitions.

During this time it was identified by the community, Orange City Council and the Local Aboriginal Working Party through the community Social Action Plan that there was a need for an Indigenous sporting club for both Aboriginal and low socio economic families to overcome barriers and access main stream sport.


In 2015, an overarching committee was formed renaming the club 'Orange United Sports Club'. Our club had a focus not only on Indigenous families but on all families and young people facing the same barriers, hence the Orange United Sports club was born.

Over the course of the years, the first Orange United teams were basketball, closely followed by netball, touch football, league tag, rugby league and hockey.

These we were founded to be a place where anyone can come and join in on the fitness fun.

These days, everyone knows that fitness is good for you. But at Orange United Sports Club Inc., we make it fun and we aim to assist low income Indigenous & non-Indigenous people to access mainstream sport. Whether you’re new or a seasoned veteran, we’ve got what you need to stay healthy, build life long friendships and stay connected to your community.


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