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When exploring the introduction of an entry-level style game for children to better ready themselves for the game of Rugby League, the NRLs Retention Survey (2017) highlighted ‘injury/fear of injury’ as a key driver for participants not to register in the following season. This was evidence that addressing the physical and technical elements associated with tackling and being tackled needed to be considered for our young ones.

Junior League Tag allows every new player the opportunity to better learn the basic game concepts and skills such as catching, passing, running and evasion.

During the game, players will learn how to make tricky decisions which will in turn help them to gain confidence as they learn the rules of the game. Through junior league tag, children can develop the capability to analyse and deduce general principles in life which can in turn boost their mental, social and physical agility.

Junior league registrations have grown climb from 79,000 in 1999 to 120,667 in 2008 while school participation numbers have grown to 269,377. 


Orange United enters junior league tag teams into the Group 10 competition, known as the United Warriors the teams compete in U/11s – U/13s and U/15s.

Orange United has one junior league team playing in 2022. Under 6’s. Each year we will grow our junior with the 2023 season United entering under 7 and under 6’s team.

Game locations:

  • Home Ground Max Stewart Oval Sieban Drive other locations include:

    • Mudgee

    • Lithgow

    • Cowra

    • Bathurst

    • Oberon

    • Blaney

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