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Erin Campbell

Committee Member

Erin has been a part of the Orange United Sports Club for over 8 years.

She says: "I joined the United Sports Club in 2014 to play netball. The following year I was voted in as Netball club president and have been doing it ever since.

Watching the club grow from just a couple of sporting codes and a couple of teams to multiple codes and teams, that we now have across the board has been so incredibly rewarding. 

Being apart of this club brings me great pride and the ability to display and teach the love of not only my sport but our community. 

Contributing to our community, achieving goals, making our club inclusive and assisting children/adults to stay active and healthy are just some of the reasons United Sports Club is my Club. 

I’m incredibly excited about the clubs future and believe we are well on our way to making our mark as one of the best, fairest and most inclusive sporting clubs within the region."

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